Unleash Your Creativity with AAMS Film Studios
AAMS Film Studio offers top-notch production services for films, commercials, and music videos. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team ensure that your vision comes to life with exceptional quality and creativity.
Step into a world of visual storytelling
Experience our state-of-the-art virtual tour and immerse yourself in the captivating world of film production.
Transform Your Vision into Reality with Our State-of-the-Art Green Space
At AAMS, we provide a spacious 50' x 60' green space, ideal for chroma keying and virtual production. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology facilitate the flawless blending of real and virtual components, enabling the vivid realization of your creative visions.
Unleash your creativity in our expansive green space.
Experience the power of virtual production like never before.
Take your productions to the next level with us.
Unleash your creativity in our massive black space for building sets
At AAMS, we offer a medium-scale film production studio, perfectly suited for major film projects, commercials, and music video productions. Our expansive black space, measuring 120' x 80', serves as the ideal canvas for actualizing your creative vision to its fullest potential.
Create stunning sets with our spacious black space.
Unlimited possibilities for your film, commercial, or music video.
Experience the freedom to craft and innovate in a vast, adaptable environment.
Food Lounge
Experience the Best in Dining
Our well-equipped kitchen and dining room not only provide the perfect setting for memorable dining experiences but are also ideal for live kitchen productions. With our catering service, you can savor delicious meals prepared by our talented chefs, all while experiencing the dynamic atmosphere of a live culinary show.
Craft services available
Comfortable Dining Environment, accommodating 200 People
Special dietary acommodations available (Vegan, Kosher, and many others)
Transform Your Look with Our Professional Makeup Space
Our makeup space provides the perfect environment for makeup artists to work their magic. With ample sitting space and well-lit mirrors, you'll have everything you need to create stunning looks.
Spacious and well-equipped makeup area
Ample seating for clients and models
High-quality mirrors for precise and detailed work
Discover the Power of Podcasting with Our State-of-the-Art Studio
Our podcast space offers a recording environment, equipped with cutting-edge technology to bring your ideas to life.
Crystal-clear audio quality for a captivating listening experience
Suitable for video podcasting
Equipped with three professional microphones and a recording console.
Extra Features That Set Us Apart
High-Speed Internet
Equipped with a 1 Gbit internet connection and Wi-Fi availability
Electric Power
Equipped with a 750 kVA substation for robust electrical support
Large Parking Space
Our studio offers ample parking space to accommodate 100+ vehicles.
Easy Access
We have elephant doors with ramps, ensuring convenient entry into the facility for both personnel and vehicles, including cars.
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